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Can Dehydration Affect Your Body & Brain? How To Prevent?

This summer United States has experienced record-breaking heatwaves that affected much of the United States. By experiencing this kind of situation, experts are warning about the hidden dangers of dehydration.

Now a recent study finds out that dehydration not only weakens people physically but also leads to cognitive collapse.

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The Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta has published a study recently if you go out and working under the heat just a couple of hours without drinking fluids or eating can greatly affect your concentration.

Mindy Millard-Stafford, Ph.D. director of the exercise physiology laboratory, a professor in Georgia Tech’s School of Biological Sciences, and a co-author of the study, in a released statement, said that “The easiest response time tasks were very little impacted, nonetheless as dehydration got worse, but tasks that require attention were completely impacted,”. The authors also stated that keep focus in long meetings, driving a car, or having a monotonous job in a hot factory that requires attention.

However, staying dehydrate can cause various problems in your body. The downfall of abilities and reduction of cognition can cause harm to the body.

What did experts find by experimenting?

The researchers have experimented to understand how heat affects cognition. They have analyzed data from 33 peer-reviewed research papers, which involved 413 participants. The researcher team looked at the test results of the acting function, attention, motor coordination, and response time to the specific tasks.

In the experiment, they noticed that the participants lost more water, they have made so many errors during the attention-related tasks. For instance, such kinds of activities that were more repetitive and unexciting, like punching a button in different patterns for several minutes, suffered mostly.

Though the researchers do not know exactly when cognitive damage occurs, they explore studies that engaged between 1 and 6 percent loss of body mass because of dehydration. They have also found that the most intense damage occurred starting at two percent, and this drop in water weight can occur quickly.

 There are some kinds of signs that can be noticed as a sign of dehydration include being thirsty, feeling distracted, developing nausea, and headaches. Developing heat cramps early indicator of the progressive effects of dehydration. For people who have extreme cases, dehydration is not prevented or effectively treated at home, then it is important to go to the emergency department like this.

It is important to monitors closely the hydration level of both the elderly and young children.

Glatter said that “ Older people have a greater risk of dehydration because of weakening ability to sense thirst, united with a decreased ability to concentrate urine, losing more fluid,”.

On the contrary, infants and younger children have a higher risk due to having a lower total body weight and a higher concentration of water. They lose water more quickly than adults. In an infant’s body, there can be found that the total water is about 70 percent. It is nearly 65 percent in children and 60 percent in adults.

How to prevent dehydration?

To stay hydrated you have to maintain hydration. Maintaining hydration is very important, but you have to be very cautious about maintaining this.

  • Drinking too much water is harmful to our health, this can lead you to hyponatremia, or lower your sodium and salt in the blood, and in some serious cases, it can be the worse for your health condition. While drinking water you have to cautious about this.
  • It is better to drink fluids and eat something right while going out. It can be very helpful in preventing dehydration.
  • Though confusion can be a sign of a heat exposure injury, controlling the situation and prevention is the key to staying hydrated and healthy.
  • Eating and drinking fluids appropriately can be the easiest way to prevent dehydration.
  • It is important to stay active, and it is best to exercise before the rising of the sun and after the sunsets. While doing exercise, wearing light-colored clothe or dress and wearing a hat can also obstruct extreme heat loss.

It is better to go to a doctor if you have serious dehydration problems. If someone has a heatstroke problem, then he or she should consult with a doctor for betterment.

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