LED Light Skin Therapy

Things You Should Know About Red Light Therapy & Blue Light Therapy

Intending to a light therapy device, you have to choose the LED color. Red light therapy and blue light therapy each offer suitable, clinical capacity skincare you can control at your own home.

Though various wavelengths of LED light, from infrared to blue, give various advantages for an extent of health and beauty application.

If you want to take light therapy at home, you have to understand about each LED color treatment, make sure that which therapy device your extraordinary skincare needs.

Before we continue, I’d like to introduce you to our Facial Skin Light Therapy Healthy Rejuvenation, 7 Color LED, FDA approved.

SERENE ZONE Light Therapy Facial Mask uses the principle of different wavelengths utilizing 7 different colors to penetrate the pores and promote cell metabolism. Penetrate deeply to prevent aging and wrinkles, Correct Acne, boost blood circulation, increase collagen production, improve skin texture, reduces melanin and red spots, increases skin elasticity, brightens up the skin, and achievability whitening, and increases moisture absorption. Each wavelength has a different effect and handles different skin problems.

What is the reason behind different color therapy?

Different kinds of light therapy have different kinds of use and importance. Experts have defined the specific wavelengths of light that assert various effects on the cell of the body. Particularly Blue and Red light offer advantageous effects on skin cells. Experts have said that home light therapy devices generate these wavelengths with strong LED micro-chips. These devices also remove defective and useless light wavelengths, for instance, UV rays present in the sunlight, and release absorbed doses of nothing but only the safe, efficient light wavelengths.


Red light therapy (BLT)

Red light therapy can improve your skin, muscle tissue, and other parts of the body. During impelling the generation of collagen and adenosine triphosphate (ATP) red light therapy boosts your blood flow. Red light therapy discloses you to low levels of red and near-infrared light. Red light therapy has longer wavelengths, allowing it to enter deeper into the skin than blue light.

Red light therapy helps to produce collagen, elastin and it also helps to reproduce cell faster. Red light therapy is very significant, it decreases inflammation, skin discoloration. Red and infrared LED light reduces aging signs due to blemishes it also reduces the age spots and sunspots.


Blue light therapy (BLT)

Blue light therapy generally uses light for the treatment of a particular condition or it is used beneath the skin. Blue light therapy is considered a painless method. Blue light therapy is used for the treatment of skin disorders. Blue light therapy allows its light to go under the skin and eliminate the acne-causing bacteria.

Blue light therapy enters the hole and removes the bacteria. Blue light therapy also removes the sunspot, scars, and acne. This therapy is also used for enhancing the skin and decreasing sebaceous hyperplasia.


The combined use of red light therapy and blue light therapy

Red light therapy and blue light therapy are often used combinedly. In the combination of red light therapy and blue light therapy, they are mostly used to reducing scars and develop anti-inflammatory effects. Red light therapy reduces inflammation while blue light therapy demolishes the acne-causing bacteria. The combined process of treatment of red light therapy and blue light therapy is very effective.

Process of using red light therapy and blue light therapy

The principle of using red light therapy and blue light therapy is almost the same. But, when you use blue light therapy, you should wear glasses or goggles for protecting your eyes. To get effective results, use the process in one treatment area for three minutes. You have to hold the therapy device calmly except moving randomly. After the three minutes of treatment, you have to move next area of treatment.

When you will start using red light therapy and blue light therapy, for the first 50-60 days you should try these therapy once a day. After using 50-60 days you can continue this process daily or you can reduce this process to two or three times per week depending on the results you get from using this process. However, it is better to consult with a doctor for your skin condition and the doctor may give you the instruction of using red light therapy and blue light therapy.

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